Coffee Menus Explained

You go into a new coffee shop and the first thing you do is look at the menu. More often than not this is met with confusion.

The familiar names you are used to are not on the menu or even worse, you order something and end up surprised. This is super frustrating, and surprisingly enough this sometimes happens to me.

The issue lies in the fact that there are very few standards. Often it could be a simple as one person’s idea versus another. So with this in mind I will try and decipher some of the “standards.”


Home Brewing Guide Part 2: Let’s Get Brewing!

So now that you have everything you need, let’s get started actually making the coffee.

Step 1- Water Prep:

Fill up the kettle with filtered water. Filtered water is so important. More than 98% of coffee is water, so tap water just won’t cut it. The kettle takes about 10 minutes to get the water to the desired temperature of 205 ℉.

Step 2 - Coffee Prep:


Home Brewing Guide Part 1: The Equipment You Gotta Have

​Over the past couple of weeks we have talked about brewing in many different forms and expounded on specific elements of brewing. This week (and next) we’re going to throw it all together and discuss how I brew coffee at home every day. My hope is that after reading this series, some of you would be willing to step into brewing coffee at home, sans barista.

The equipment list can seem daunting and unnecessary, but I promise it is all worth it. In fact, some of these items are multi-purpose kitchen tools.

Necessary coffee wares, in order of importance:


Why We Weigh

Today’s post is going to be about a very specific part of our coffee process, and it may seem a little nerdy, but it is a vital part in the amazing coffee we make.

If you have come into our Westside location you may have noticed that behind the bar looks like some kind of chemistry lab. There’s unique glass devices, crazy, expensive-looking equipment and scales.


Brew Methods 101

According to USA Today, 83 percent of Americans drink coffee. Do you think all of these people understand how their coffee was made? Or better yet, know what they are ordering each day?

Today’s post is going to address just that. Let’s focus on the variety of methods for brewing coffee. Basically, I want to get folks comfortable ordering coffee in any shop, and hopefully, comfortable making quality coffee at home.