My Take On Customer Service

Customer service can be a dicey topic because there aren’t general rules for how people want to be treated.

[DISCLAIMER: This blog is about how I want to be treated in a food or beverage setting, and what I believe should be the standard.]

Ultimately, customer service should be centered on solving the customer’s problems in an efficient and creative way. Of course, this can manifest itself in many different ways in varying settings with an array of personalities.


The 2017 Coffee Championships Are Here!

Happy New Year coffee lovers! I hope 2017 has been filled with joy, opportunity and caffeine for all of you.

So far this year all we can think about is the 2017 United States Barista Competition! Our very own Maggie Snow will be representing Chattahoochee in the esteemed event.


AMA: Maggie Snow

Today’s blog features an AMA from Maggie Snow. She is currently the Manager at our Westside location, and has been part of the Chattahoochee Team for nearly 5 years. When I think of what makes Chattahoochee Coffee great I think of Maggie. She is an amazing leader and an exception coffee professional. Enjoy getting to know a little bit about her.

Why did you start working in coffee?


Bring Good Coffee Home for the Holidays

As the year begins to wind down -- the holiday season winds up. And with that often comes travel. Whether you’re visiting family, friends or treating yourself to a vacation, one thing is missing. Your morning coffee routine.

Now I know that everyone secretly wishes I could just come on their vacation and wake them up with a perfectly brewed, fresh cup of coffee. But not only would this be super weird, in reality, it's also completely infeasible.

So how do we enjoy great coffee outside of our normal routines? I have a few suggestions for ya’ll.


The Odd Couple: New and Unusual Ways to Enjoy Coffee

When most people think of coffee they think of a hot cup in the morning or a nice cozy latte. And while these are definitely popular, and delicious, ways to enjoy coffee -- don’t be afraid to step out of the box.

There are many unconventional ways to enjoy the flavors and benefits of this miracle liquid. Let’s discuss some of my experiences with coffee outside the cafe.